Unlock the power of your event data

Quick insights into your audience makeup that help increase your return on ad spend.

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Answer important questions about your audience

Boost your knowledge with access to brand new customer insights.

Who are they?

Demographic breakdowns provide information on audience age, gender, education, and location. Know where you are selling the most tickets to your events and who is purchasing them.

What do they do?

Learn the most common occupations, interests, and hobbies among your audience to identify new sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

What are they saying?

See the words and phrases used most commonly on social media. Create a marketing plan that uses audience-specific language and content.

Fast, easy-to-understand analysis

Quickly connect all of your customer data sources to Evint for comprehensive and actionable audience insights.

Consolidate your data

A home for all of your customer data. Connect your accounts and Evint will automatically identify and remove duplicate entries on import.


Enrich your data

Merge your existing data with third-party sources to reveal new information about your audience. Develop a deeper understanding of who your customers are.


View new insights

Clear data visualizations provide a breakdown of your audience demographics and interests. Develop a better understanding of your customers to craft more effective marketing campaigns that maximize your budget and increase return on ad spend.


Compare cohorts

Create and save audience cohorts that automatically update when new information becomes available. Compare cohorts to identify differences and determine the best course of action for new campaigns.


Export to third-party tools

Use exported cohort lists with your favorite third-party marketing platforms to execute multiple campaigns with ease.


Connect accounts Identify cohorts Increase return on ad spend

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